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Spa Days at The Peak Health Club & Spa

Nowadays our lives are so consumed by an endless intake of technology, commuting, food and drink that we rarely get any time to just sit, relax and be. As a busy working mum my day usually consists of being woken up endless times throughout the night with our toddler then frantically rushing around from about 5.30 am. From the second I open my eyes I am on the go. Whether it is rushing the kids to school, cramping in some exercise or housework added to the equation my non 9-5 job which means I can come home from work late and still need to go straight to work as a mum or do my social media.

Even more reason I feel that I tend to preach the importance of me time. My mum is my rock but of course we never get to just sit and share a glass of wine or a shopping trip without the chaos of kids.

So to try and balance the ying and yang of being a working mum in the rat race I try to book myself and my mum a spa day every few months and just switch off my phone for a few hours. I need a technology detox. This summer I had heard great things about The Peak Health Club and Spa on the ninth floor of the Jumeirah Carlton Tower that I booked in both in for some facials and a bit of ‘Me Time’ or should I say more importantly ‘Mum and daughter time’. So with our swimsuits in tow we headed for our spa time. I opted to experience a SKEYNDOR Power Hyaluronic Facial and mum had booked a PHYTO5 Ageless La Cure Facial. Whenever I go for Spa days I tend to book massages but this time I fancied a facial and mum decided to follow.

Located on Sloan Street The Peak Health Club has stunning views over London. We arrived at 11am and decided to spend a good 4/5 hours just doing what we never get chance to do, relaxing, chatting and reading in between our treatments. With a perfect location we could also make time for a spot of shopping and dinner post spa.

My mum was incredibly excited to experience the 20m indoor pool, being a former professional swimmer, a perfect way to re-invigorate your body and mind. Their pool uses the revolutionary PoolSan an alternative to the chlorine system so is odour and toxic free.

For me a spa day must be a couple of things; relaxing and effective. If I’m going for a spa day I want to come out rejuvenated and have a treatment that delivers results and I wasn’t disappointed.

My treatment lasted 60 minutes and mums lasted 75minutes after the facials our skin felt incredible. So mums PHYTO5 Ageless La Cure Facial is a organic anti-ageing and just pure luxury treatment. It combines high potency products that are the best eco-certified products with intense and effective massage to deliver radiance, lifting and firming resuts and mum was incredibly impressed. My SKEYNDOR Power Hyaluronic Facial was an exclusive formulation of supercharged hyaluronic acid to hydrate my skin at the deepest level and this is what my skin tends to lack hydration so this was the perfect treatment for me. It replaced my dull dehydrated skin with a dewy shine and glow.

Thanks to The Peak Health Club and Spa I feel rested and rejuvenated and ready for another heavy month in the rat race.

For more information checkout the spa

The health club is located at:

The Peak Health Club & Spa

Jumeirah Carlton Tower (ninth floor)

On Cadogan Place



Tel: +44 (0)20 7858 7300


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