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Cyprus this Summer

So this summer myself, hubby and our kids went to Cyprus for a few weeks and just loved it. It's so kid friendly and all the restaurants are so hospitable. It doesn't matter if your little one is screaming or noisy as they just love kids. The beaches are fab, the views are gorgeous and the weather is guaranteed. We stayed just north of Paphos in Konia which is just stunning. Only 5-10 min from Paphos by car but just far enough away from the city to have peace and quite. We found some fab restaurants mainly ones that were off the beaten track and away from the harbour. Michaels Konia Taverna was fabulous and so was a fab road side restaurant in Empa. My lovely friend Laura Hamilton was over in Cyprus filming a place in the sun and she was also staying out of the harbour in Tala. Theres a cute cliff side bar on the road to Tala which has some great food. If your going to Cyprus and have any questions on where to go don't hesitate to give me a shout, I'd love to help and also if you do go please share any new places you find as I'm sure we will be going back very soon and I'd love to hear about your trip. Hope you like our pictures. Love Naomi x



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