School Holiday Stress

School holidays can be fab if you are a stay at home mum but if you are a full time working mum or freelancer like moi the holidays just add to the pressure of trying to achieve some kind of superstar mum/ burnout award. I love my kids to bits, but being a freelancer it means any good work related opportunities that come up I need to take and for me trying to take off approximately 9 weeks is a killer, especially in such a fast paced industry like Fashion.

I want to spend all my time enjoying the summer with my two gorgeous kids (Fleur 6.5 and Rocco 1.5) but actually have had to plan activity after activity days while I'm working on projects. Luckily I have a very hands on mum who's a school teacher so she thankfully is around a fair bit which really helps and I have some fab school mum friends too. Then there's the guilt that also comes into play when your child says mummy why can't I come to work with you? And then looks sad as you leave them, or dropping your baby off at your fab childminder but on a gorgeous day when you want to be out with them enjoying the summer and a picnic.

God its not easy being a mum is it? So we went to Cyprus for nearly 2 weeks which was amazing as we were together as a family the longest we have ever been since both our kids were born, as we both work crazy and erratic schedules that you can feel like passing ships at times..Then my friends have taken Fleur out strawberry picking, to museums, swimming and play areas, which has been amazing but I always feel like I'm missing out on that precious time with my babies.

Fleur did a fab 3 day theatre camp this week where they put on a production of Matilda in 3 days wow, that was with a company called Top Hats Essex and I was so impressed how incredible the performance was. Then she's had 4 days of sports camp. Bloody heck the holidays are expensive. So thats my mum guilt trip summer rant over, how have you dealt with the holidays? Any suggestions ladies for next hols would be amazing. Love Naomi xxx

Here's a few piccies of the kids enjoying their summer.

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