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Q&A with Hat Designer Misa Harada

Q&A with Hat Designer Misa Harada

What's your name and the name of your collection?

Misa Harada , our new SS17 collection's theme is “ Underwater love"

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Japan and came to London back in 1987, so I can say London was the place I grew up.

Where and what did you study?

Graduated from RCA (royal college of art) specialising in millinery

Where can we find your label?

Fenwick’s and Fortnum & mason in the UK, Le bon marche in Paris, Isetan in Japan, etc.

Q&A with Hat Designer Misa Harada

What or who inspired you to go into fashion?

Much to my parent’s distress, I was clubbing almost every night in the late 80’s. I decided to go into Fashion design after that and met my millinery tutor, Shirley Hex who was teaching Philip Tracy at RCA at the time. Shirley was the one changed my life and still is my biggest inspiration. On the fist day we first met, I decided to pursue a millinery career which was over 20 years ago now.

What's your biggest aspiration?

I would love more people to wear and enjoy hats , which is easy to say but it has become my task in life.

Q&A with Hat Designer Misa Harada

Describe your style, In terms of your collections is there a trademark style, method or key fabric you would like to be known for?

My style is definitely wearable, real hats designed by a women for women. I am not all about couture, I was trained as a royal milliner but wanted to create hats which can be mass produced but finished with couture technique so that my hats will be affordable but still retains the best quality.

What can we expect from your next collection?

whole collections inspired by what you see in underwater world, colourful coral reefs and organic shapes are behind most of the decorative aspects. I have been watching lots of “Finding Nemo” and mermaid animation with my 3 year old so this was definitely in my phyche somewhere.

Q&A with Hat Designer Misa Harada

Which city inspires you?

I still love going back to Tokyo on business, the city never ceases to amaze me.

How do you like to relax?

Surfing will be my choice of relaxation. I can now go and surf and come back to my office in 2 hours.

Where's your favourite place to eat?

There is this amazing asian/french fusion restaurant in Paris called “Le Servan”in the 11th. I am there given any opportunity!

Q&A with Hat Designer Misa Harada

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