London Fashion Week Fittings

London Fashion Week Fittings, My day in Pictures.

So the time is near, my favourite time of year, twice a year London Fashion Week happens. If you work in Fashion, it's not only a time to see emerging talent, new trends and all the hard work designers have put into their collections but it's also a time when you can wear what the hell you want and I love love love it. Luckily after years or writing fashion, filming interviews, styling and blogging abut fashion I've built-up a great network of fabulous fashion friends who I love. So yesterday I was properly back to work after the extended school hols and it was such a great day of fittings for london fashion week, I'm even more excited.

So my day went like this, started off at HPR London.

hpr - LFW Fittings

Then I headed to see my friends at Felicities PR.

Felicities PR - LFW Fittings

From there Kevin and I headed to Liz Matthews PR.

liz mattews pr - LFW Fittings

After Liz Matthews we went to Four Publicity...