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London Fashion Week Fittings

London Fashion Week Fittings, My day in Pictures.

So the time is near, my favourite time of year, twice a year London Fashion Week happens. If you work in Fashion, it's not only a time to see emerging talent, new trends and all the hard work designers have put into their collections but it's also a time when you can wear what the hell you want and I love love love it. Luckily after years or writing fashion, filming interviews, styling and blogging abut fashion I've built-up a great network of fabulous fashion friends who I love. So yesterday I was properly back to work after the extended school hols and it was such a great day of fittings for london fashion week, I'm even more excited.

So my day went like this, started off at HPR London.

hpr - LFW Fittings

Then I headed to see my friends at Felicities PR.

Felicities PR - LFW Fittings

From there Kevin and I headed to Liz Matthews PR.

liz mattews pr - LFW Fittings

After Liz Matthews we went to Four Publicity...

four publicity - LFW Fittings

From Four publicity Kevin and I were very good and walked to the west end, stopped for some lunch, tweets and snapchats and headed to see my pals at Trace publicity.

trace publicity

From Trace we walked again, getting some practise in for LFW to my final fitting with my lovely pals at POP PR.


We then ended the day meeting Ben, Emilio and Frederick at The Cuckoo Club to talk logistics for our London Fashion Week party..

What a day, such a buzz thanks for all your help guys and gals, love you guys, Naomi xxx


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