Eyebrow Tattoo at Salon 112

So I've always had an issue with thin brows and used to pencil them in which in hindsight looked horrendous, but thankfully that was years ago. Then about 6 years ago I had my brows tattooed for the first time and could not believe the difference and was utterly obsessed.

Since then I have had them re-done about 2 years ago and they naturally fade after about 18 months so was really in need of a refresher. My local salon that I go to for all my beauty needs in Essex is Salon 112 in Harlow, I've been going there for years and the girls are excellent at what they do. I like results and they deliver amazing results.

Sue tattooed my brows to years ago so obviously would only go back to her to have them re-done as they were so good the first time.

Here's a little video of my treatment and the results were fab immediately. The symmetry has changed my look for the better and saves me so much time getting ready, I'm obsessed..

Semi-permanent makeup at Salon 112 takes roughly about 2 hours in total. Thanks so much Sue, I love them and highly recommend the salon and all the lovely ladies there.

For more info: SALON 112

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