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Bee Venom Peel with Deborah Mitchell

bee venom peel

Just before I went to Jamaica I was lucky enough to have my first ever appointment with facialist to the Stars and Royalty, Deborah Mitchell (Heaven Skincare, an organic skincare range). Well the second you say Royalty wow that really says something. Straight away you think luxury, exclusivity and this must really work!

So my appointment with the one and only Deborah was at the iconic Langham Hotel. What a way to start our afternoon, I was treated to champagne and a delightful selection of nibbles and sandwiches wow! So not only is Deborah the facialist on speed dial to Royalty and many a celeb she is also the owner

bee venom peel

The first thing that hits me is how warm and kind Deborah's entire aura is, teamed with her knowledge and years of expertise I could've easily sat there for hours just chatting like old friends. But let's get to the good stuff the treatment.

We headed to Deborah's suite for my Bee Venom peel. The idea of this peel is that its fast and effective to fit into a busy woman or man's schedule, like a lunch break treatment without the downtime. Medical peels can have quite an aggressive effect and downtime. But the bee venom peel is the opposite, its gentle but effective. My treatment was relaxing, with no messy oils on my face or hair and Deborah's technique was so unusual and down right fab. During the treatment Deborah stimulates the skin and face in a way I just cant explain. The treatment was fast and relaxing but I though surely its too soon to see any results?

bee venom peel

Oh my goodness when I looked in the mirror it looked like my eyebrows and cheeks had lifted and my face looked plumper, healthier and down right glowing wow. I could not believe the instant results they were just incredible and I cannot wait to go back to see her soon, I now understand why she is highly in demand.

Thanks Deborah for an incredible treatment and afternoon.

bee venom peel

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