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Q&A with swimwear designer behind Lavishly Appointed

Lavishly appointed

What's your name and the name of your collection?

Meet Mary Radenkovic the designer behind Lavishly Appointed swimwear.

- My name is Mary Radenkovic. Brand name is of course well known Lavishly Appointed and this collection we decided to call the Opulent collection.

Where did you grow up?

- I grew up in Europe, as I lived in Greece and Serbia. It is probably the Mediterranean sea and Greek culture that inspired me so much since my childhood.

Lavishly appointed

Where and what did you study?

- As I was always artistic and creative I studied poetry and fine arts in Serbia.

Where can we find your label?

- Everywhere as long as there are fashionable women and luxury beach life around.. Well for sure you can find it online, but also in Greece , Spain, Cyprus and Montenegro. We are also working on spreading onto other countries worldwide.

Lavishly appointed

What or who inspired you to go into fashion?

-Most of my growing up was about design , dressing up and style. One my grandfathers was a luxury men designer with huge showroom, whereas another one was a film producer so I was often on the set.. Fashion was my way of life.

What's your biggest aspiration?

- My biggest aspiration is to make couture in swimwear, enjoy in design, make more unique pieces and watch women who wear my bikinis ... I love making them happier and more beautiful. I do that my designing swimwear which makes women feel special and good about them-self as soon as they wear Lavishly Appointed they are seen as an attraction on the beach.

Describe your style, In terms of your collections is there a trademark style, method or key fabric you would like to be known for?

-Lavishly, unique, luxury style. My aim is to make designed pieces from fine fabrics and unique jewellery. I am constantly combining design and art. So the brand will definitely be well known for jewellery which cannot be found in any other swimwear, good quality materials, different colours and sexy but at the same time very classy structure.

Lavishly appointed

What can we expect from your next collection?

- Next collection is expected to be as classy and luxury as previous ones. I will try to stay different, recognised and put more couture moments in swimwear design.

Which city inspires you?

- I am inspired by many different places.. Remote and untouched nature with blue sea is always inspiring view but on the other hand even the London's crowd and business can be inspirational. However I’m still searching for that special city which I can say that inspires me the most. I feel like I need few more years of experience and travelling in order to have an answer for that question.

Lavishly appointed

How do you like to relax?

-For me relaxing is connected with the sea and sunshine... I think I came up with the best design ideas when I was relaxing on the beach, watching the sea or the ocean...whereas in London, by my opinion the best way to relax is to have a fun night with your friends, explore the city itself as it has a lot to offer.

Where's your favourite place to eat?

- Well I like the question as I honestly think that the food is also related to fashion , because places where you eat must have soul and food must be served with style. Annabel's for example, has its own style which I am very much a fan of so I love spending time there, and the I love the food over there.

Lavishly appointed

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