Personalised Fine Linens By COZE

It's that time of year in the run up to Christmas that most of us go into some kind of panic mode as there's so many people to buy for and we need to get creative for gift ideas. If you are mega busy like me, it can be scarily easy to buy the same type of gifts year after year out of practicality and speed. You know what I mean; Perfume for mum and aunties, socks, ties and aftershaves for dads, hubbies and granddads etc the list goes on.

However if I find a brand I love, that screams quality but there's a way I could buy for everyone without their gifts being the same but more personalised then I am sold. All your shopping done online in half an hour, result.

You are probably thinking no thats not possible. Well if you love your home, interiors and bit of luxury then you will love this gorg company I have just found called COZE linen. They are merchants of fine linens and could just be the perfect answer to your nightmare Christmas list.

If you love a company with a bit of history then you will love Coze as its is born from a wealth of knowledge and experience dating back four generations to the heart of London’s East End, yes love that already. Their artisanal excellence that built the original business still exists today and are an important part of the Coze DNA.


They pride themselves in attention to detail and research has taken them around the world in search of the finest products and craftsmanship. The longer thread cotton farmed in Turkey delivers a softer towelling with a better absorption. So for anyone that doesn't know what makes great towelling, bedding and lines then here's a little bit of insight.

An important factor in the production of Coze product is quality. They are a luxury brand for a reason and that’s because they work collaboratively with their excellent farmers and factories to produce only the very best – nothing else is good enough!

And I agree 100 percent. You know the feeling when you've stayed in a luxury hotel, putting on the super soft bathrobe and climbing into the luxurious linen sheets, isn't it amazing! Well imagine bringing that feeling home with you.

I recently ordered the Sati dressing gown which you can see below and chose to have it personalised with my initials. I also ordered the Gensho duvet and oxford pillowcases and had the pillowcases personalised with both mine and my hubbies initials. May I just say how fab is that?

When my robe and sheets arrived they were packaged in a lovely linen sack and both products are just soo incredibly soft. For me one thing that is rather frustrating when it comes to bath robes is finding one that doesn't swamp me as I'm quite petite and most do. My gown is so cozy and soft, and fits perfectly I didn't want to take it off and my sheets are just so incredibly lush.

So now all my family will read this and know what theyre getting for Christmas! Personalised linens!

To shop COZE Click on the Link.

Love Naomi xx

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